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Google Suite

Many Serrano teachers use Google Classroom. Students (and their parents) can access it through the student school email account. The format for a student's email account is the following:

student's first name + last initial + last four digits permanent ID @


Example: dorothyp0004@

Dorothy is the first name of the student, P is their last name initial, and their permanent ID as displayed in Aeries ends in 0004


Students first have to use the Classroom code for their particular teacher's class to add the class to their Classroom app. Teachers give this code in class and can email them as well.

Certificated Staff (teachers)


Contacts 2017/2018

(760) 868-3222

Must go through the switchboard to reach teachers in their classroom.

  LUNCH EMAIL Phone Exention Web Site(s)
Agriculture Department      
HUSS, Sarah x21302  
MAIZE, Kaylene x21301  
RICE, Jack x21205  
Career Technical Education      
ARRIETA, Tonya B x21101  
BUCKLES, Bucky B x21308  
CHACON, Adam B x21309  
DAVIS, Mike B x21307  
DENNISON, Wes B x21300  
DYERLY, Jeff x21200  
HARROWER,Jayne B x21101  
MARKEE, Michelle A x21303  
MORRIS, Susan A x21421  
NUSE, Carri B x21304  
OGBORN, Mike x21800  
WILLIAMS, Kellie A x21420 Google Classroom
English Department      
BARRERA, Mark A x21413  
BARTLETT, Andrea B x21804  
BODELL, Matt A x21409  
BRADEN, Melissa B x21808 Google Classroom
BRADFORD, Lisa A x21419  
CONNOR,Jennifer A x21508  
DREW, Kristy A x21416  
FRANCIS, Saira A x21404  
GOTT, Reina x21817  
GRIJALVA, Kristin B x21814  
MINICK, Kim A x21426  
MOEN, Danielle B x21820  
NEEDHAM, Tim A x21412  
NEWKIRK, Melissa B x21818  
PEARSON, Kim B x21817  
QUINN, Ken B x21822  
SHAFFER, Sherri x21821  
WALLACE, Stacy B x21819  
Mathematics Department      
ATTERBERRY, Clint x21803  
BRENNER, Kristi B x21107 Google Classroom
GOVIN, Brian B x21805  
IRVIN, Cemonn A x21428  
KNIGHT, Sarah B x21111  
KNOWLTON, Joe B x21100  
LITZKOW, Brandi B x21108  
MAHOLCHIC, Max B x21811  
MYERS, Karen A x21110  
PATTON, Jim B x21105  
PETERSEN, David B x21109  
TYLER, Jaime B x21106  
WALCZYNSKI,Andrew B x21806  
WHEELER, Michelle B x21809  
Performing Arts Department      
ALANIZ, Alan A x21702  
FELL, Matt A x21703  
QUINN, Beverly A x21704 Google Classroom
Physical Education Department    
ANTLE, Ryan A x21505  
BRENNER, Steve A x21604  
BROWNING, Mike x21604  
CORVERA, Rachel A x21604  
ELLIOTT, Sherry A x21604  
FIELER, Heather A x21604  
MAHOLCHIC, Casey x21603  
Science Department    
ADAIR, Karly B x21207
ADAMS, Dan x21212  
CORTEZ, Rene B x21213
GALLAGHER, Julie B x21216
HANSEN, Ross x21202  
HEIM, Christy A x21503  
HEIM, Joe A x21502  
HENDERSON, Justin B x21801  
MARTIN, Josh B x21214  
MINCK, Justin B x21217
MORRISON, Pat x21218  
SCHNEIDER, Loren A x21306  
SWIFT, Mark B x21812  
WINKLER, Fred B x21215  
Social Science Department    
ANDERSEN, Melissa A x21417  
ANTLE, Laura x21506  
BRAVO, Anthony B x21816  
CABALLERO, Alexis A x21406  
CORNELL, Scott A x21403  
FELL, Mike A x21507  
HURLEY, Lisa A x21407  
MERRICK, Sabrina A x21418  
MILLER, Michelle A x21431  
PHAM, Hong A x21408  
PIERCY, Chris x21053  
REED, Morgan A x21402  
SULLIVAN, Joshua A x21400  
SULLIVAN, Melissa x21071  
TALLEY, Gladys A x21405  

WALCZYNSKI, Carrie x21401  
Student Services    
BARCENA, Chris A x21427  
EDGERLY, Dawn x21807  
Visual Arts Department    
BRADY, Mike A x21415  
CARRASQUILLO,Brian B x21204  
FITCH, Lisa B x21210  
World Language Department    
CAMAS, LaLa A x21425  
HERNANDEZ, Nancy A x21429  
MAGANA, Marco A x21432  
NICKERSON, Melinda B x21815  
RAMIREZ, Luis A x21430  
SCHNEIDER, Kasey A x21424  
VARNER, Tory A x21433