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Schoolsite Council

Schoolsite Council is open to the public and anyone can attend and participate.  The elected representative, or a quorum thereof, vote when items need official approval or as propositions are put forward to the District and the Board.  Our elected parents reps are: Tom Canchola, Annette Ewing, Chuck Hill, and Rebecca Kujawa.  Our classified employee rep is Leslie Carver.  Our certificated reps are: David Carroll, Sabrina Merrick, Susan Morris, and Jeremy Rivera.  Our students reps will be assigned through the elected ASB Board.

Schoolsite Council Meeting Minutes - October 12, 2016


Dan Andrus - elected President

Sabrina Merrick – elected VP

Susan Morris – volunteer Secretary

Sheila Fridly, Library

Melissa Newkirk, teacher

Valeria Garcia, student

Annette Ewing, parent

Discussi ...more

Schoolsite Council Minutes - May 11, 2016

Schoolsite council notes

May 11, 2016

Attendance: Matt Wells, David Carroll, Leslie Carver, Susan Morris, Sabrina Merrick, Dan Andrus, Tom Canchola, Lisa Hansen, Claire Robbins, Cindy Pirner, Annette ...more

Schoolsite Council Minutes - February 3, 2016

Schoolsite minutes – February 3 (Attendance at bottom)


ISS / home suspension

Principal Andrus reviewed the purpose of each:

in-home suspension

  • Student behavior involving drugs, fights

In-school ...more

Schoolsite Council Minutes - January 13, 2016

Schoolsite council minutes – January 13, 2016


Attendance: Principal Andrus, Jeremy Rivera (teacher rep), Susan Morris (teacher rep), David Carroll (rep, secretary), Sabrina Merrick (teacher rep), Leslie Carver (classified rep), Michele Scribner (counseling), Jennifer Connor (teacher), Tom Canchola (parent rep), Claire Robbins (ASB Pres.)


Opening remarks


Discussed the Gas to go to class

ASB News

-       Pigs for Fair last week

-       Poultry on campus


Inclement Weather / “Snow Day”

-       discussed Superintendent’s explanation of the snow day

-       Superintendent checks to see if it was safe, made the call that it was unsafe

-       We had a problem with the ConnectEd call, it looked like 600 phone numbers have no response at all

-       The first call was for staff, the 5:30 phone call was for students.


Honors Graduation

-       Discussion about this in schoolsite council generated two questions

-       One question was what would happen if schoolsite council had conflicting recommendations with the leadership council

-       How many kids receive the distinction in the last several years? How many kids would have received it if it had been GPA-based?


Discussed LCAP goals

Leslie Carver was concerned about the special education students who would not be given Honors if the criteria is tied to A-G.


Honors GPA 3.5 versus 4.0 for High Honors/Honors


There are sashes for some different pathways (Medical Pathway, etc.), there are medals.


Jeremy Rivera proposed that only high honors wear gold robes.


Michele Scribner shared the following information.

This year, there will be:

88 Potential Honors

55 Potential High Honors

out of

501 Potential Graduating Seniors


Based on these numbers, 28.5% could qualify for honors or high honors.


147 total have 3.5 GPA or higher

66 3.5-3.99 GPA

81 have a 4.0+ currently (16%)



Some people at the meeting thought this proposal was acceptable, others were lukewarm.

We held a series of votes on recommendations:

8 people voted for gold robes for higher only

8 believe that honors would have a visible sash instead of robe


0 voted for some type of extra criteria for honors

8 voted against extra criteria for honors


High Honors - some type of extra criteria

6 for

1 against


High Honors – extra criteria should include A-G or CTE 2- year

7 in favor of


High Honors – requires some AP condition

0 for an AP requirement for High Honors

7 opposed to AP requirements for High Honors


I (Dave Carroll) abstained from all votes except for the gold robes for higher only


90% attendance rule discussion

Mr. Andrus asked PBIS to look into alternative ways to making up an absence, in addition to a WIN Saturday. Other schools have other ways, academic projects. He hesitates to make any new attendance policy until we have better ways to make up absences. He doesn’t believe PBIS has had enough time to create some alternatives. He also mentioned his concern about sick students and how much we will ask families to demonstrate evidence of the illness. He mentioned last semester’s data. Students who had 9 or more absences: 448 total for all combined excuses and unexcused. Include charts, especially chronic absence by demographic subgroup

Some of these subgroups overlap



Mr. Andrus mentioned the old CIF rule that required attendance on a particular day to compete that night, but that CIF rule has since been dropped. Students had to attend at least 3 periods under that rule. Susan Morris reported that some coaches continue to enforce the old rule.


Andrus mentioned that one school reported 80% perfect attendance (a parent in the meeting clarified that it was Adelanto). Some believe that the recording of attendance is less than perfect at the other schools.


Andrus believes the focus on attendance is a double-edged sword; we tax people, students are educated with that money, so we need to keep the kids in the school. A significant number of people believe school is optional, and we want to motivate those kids to attend by offering incentives or removing them.


The board is interested in attendance, and it is an LCAP goal.


Andrus says the schools that put it in place often see an increase in attendance.


We tabled the attendance matter until Andrus believes he has a more specific proposal that fixes the attendance policy.


Blackboard notification app

District is licensing a website app (Blackboard), and this particular app can send out push notifications. Andrus wants to make sure we don’t overuse it.


ConnectEd fixes

If people didn’t get the ConnectEd call, then we have the wrong number or they didn’t answer.


Serrano safety plan

We will be reviewing the school safety plan, which should be available in February. We will be doing an active shooter scenario (staff only, no students).


November 2 Meeting Minutes

Parents and other community members are encouraged to read the minutes and attend the meetings. In this meeting, Dan Andrus proposed a change to the 90% attendance policy. Additionally, the schoolsite council is discussing their recommendations on what the exact criteria for graduation for honors and high honors should be at Serrano.


Read the minutes

October 7 Meeting Minutes

Please read the minutes

Many people may be especially interested in the discussion of the Distinguished Graduate Program and the 90% attendance rule.

Want to be involved with Serrano? Come to the council meetings!

The next meeting is on November 4, at 2 pm in the Career Center inside the Library.

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